How Crazy Can It Get?

Long day….

I tried watching Babylon A.D. today, but there were to many interruptions. So, I’ll keep it another day. But I managed to get Dan’s computer finished. Vista took a while to install so we watched a movie, “Mr. Woodcock” which was just OK. I put all this Live Essentials stuff on his new PC and set him up in a new live account. I think I have convinced him of the superiority of live mail vs. Cox email. Anyway, he hopes he can pull his contacts from Yahoo as all the Cox contacts we lost when his hard drive crashed.

Uncle Gary replied to my email regarding the photos from the services held for his mother. So, I snagged the set and put it in an album in the Flynt family Stuff group. I’ll see if I can link to that here: Nope – can’t do it directly as it is in another group and has permissions blocking  that operation.

Oh well, there is one picture in there I found that I will share here. I made it the group picture for the Flynt Family stuff.


That picture takes me back a few years. Well, more later!


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