How Crazy Can It Get?

The End is Near

2007 is the year I finally made the change. It is said that the death of analog TV is eminent, and in preparation I have taken the plunge . I have turned of my analog set for hopefully the last time and have switched to a new LCD TV that I got for myself this Christmas. I hope the economist appreciate my efforts. These things are not cheap. But the prices are coming down. Still, once started, the wallet sucking sound just keeps one going. First a new set, then you need hi def service so the cable company can get their piece of the action. Oh, the Cox "Hi Def" is free… Ah huh… Right… You need a special box. It costs extra. Then there are gateway charges for digital access. How bogus is that? That is like the charge the phone company charged so you could have touch tone phones. The death of a thousand cuts has begun. I, of course, needed a new TiVo for the TV. It uses two cable cards. And they both cost. And they both have their own gateway. And, they are already obsoleted. And that is not a good thing for the TiVo. So, from what I hear, eventually – soon – the cable company will implement switched digital video. This is a good thing. It will make them competitive with Satellite and there billions of channels. Unfortunately, anyone with a TV that uses a cable card is kind of screwed. They wont work "as is" after the conversion to SDV. Fortunately, TiVo is furiously working on a special gizmo dongle that will not make all the existing Hi Def TiVos unusable.


Anyway, I now need a new sound system. And of course, DVD’s and my entire collection are going the way of the eight track tape. OK – so it isn’t that bad. They are all backward compatible for a while. So, who will win the Hi Def DVD war? I am hoping that HD DVD will win. I really dislike Sony as a company, and I think Blu-Ray has a bit to do to catch up. But more on that later. Lately, I need a new house to put all this crap in!


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  1. Tracey

    l vote HD DVD.Have you found yet that many tv channels aren\’t so beautiful at home as at the store? Gosh – funny that the store only displays HD programing.

    January 21, 2009 at 12:39 am

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